Spring Walk

The only way I gt my mind off this whole COVID-19 is when I go walking. Now that it is spring time, you would think it would be sunny and warm but not here in Illinois. It is in the 30’s and snowing, but the weather wasn’t going to stop me to free my mind. […]

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Week 1

Well, one week down of being quarantined and we have survived. My 14 and 11 year old have reverted back to things they did as a little kid to help keep them busy. They have played with Play Doh, colored in a coloring book, watched old movies, laid on the couch and watched Saturday morning […]

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Better Day

Glad to say I had a better day today. Took a 4 mile walk, got rained on but it didn’t matter to me, I was outside in the fresh air. Heard from some of my kiddos through google classroom, a few even said they missed me- that put a smile on my face. Had a […]

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Blah Wednesday

Woke up to a dark and raining day Son having a meltdown because he can’t figure out his math Daughter won’t leave her room- she forgets that she can mingle with her family (teenagers) Paying bills Learning that another friend’s mom passed away (just saw her yesterday too) Hearing more negative news about COVID-19 Feeling […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Certainly a little different of a St. Patrick’s Day but it was still celebrated. Wore some green, a shamrock necklace, listened to some festive music, had a few beverages, and enjoyed the sunshine while walking. Very short entry today but want to leave you with my favorite Irish blessing… May your troubles be less and […]

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Proud Mom

Just a short note today to share my proud mom moment. My son who has been in Boy Scouts made lunch for his sister today. He made her a grilled cheese sandwich. (I was informed that everyone loved his grilled cheese sandwiches when he was at camp) He buttered the bread, made sure the cheesed […]

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I sit down to eat lunch, grab my papers to grade while grading and eating, hear the washer stop go down and change the laundry while I hang the wet clothes, take down the dry ones to fluff head back upstairs, grab the mail read the mail, finish eating, go and wash the dishes start […]

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