Spring Walk

The only way I gt my mind off this whole COVID-19 is when I go walking. Now that it is spring time, you would think it would be sunny and warm but not here in Illinois. It is in the 30’s and snowing, but the weather wasn’t going to stop me to free my mind. So I put on my winter jacket, hat and gloves and headed out. It started out o.k. as I walked down the sidewalk but when I turned the corner, the cold blustery air hit my face. I wasn’t going to let the cold stop me, so I continued on, going up and down the blocks while looking at the houses, the dirty winter ground and watching a few birds fly around. As I walked, the snow began to fall more and the wind picked up, so I had to put my head down while walking. I ended up walking 4 miles and took a selfie along the way with the snow, memories of a spring walk in March. I finished my walk while listening to my country music and letting my mind remember the good things that happened while certain songs played. I made it home with a red nose and a hat full of snow but it was worth it, a spring walk was what I needed.

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